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Okay, so you’ve thought about it once or twice…maybe even three times. But you’re feeling kinda stuck and constantly teeter-tottering back and forth trying to make up your mind. You’re thinking to yourself “I got this! I can do this! Or can I? Should I? Maybe it’s too much…should I call mom?” But you also feel this pressure because you don’t want to wait too long to drop the class or get that unwanted grade.

Don’t worry we have all totally been there. Choosing to drop a class can be an intimidating decision. There will always be a million different scenarios you can instantly playback like a 90’s Hit Clip, but making a decision earlier is always better than later. While there’s no secret formula to making the right choice, here is a quick guide to help you decide.

Evaluate your work load

Sounds simple enough, right? College is not easy, but learning to balance yourself can be tough too! Be honest with yourself and take a look at your current workload. Identifying if you may be stretching yourself too thin can help steer you in the right direction. Maybe this extra class has you feeling stressed or maybe your part-time job hours and extra curricular duties are increasing this semester. Whatever it may be, dropping a class may help you restore that balance! (Just be sure to double check your units so you’re still a full-time student.)

Consider your degree

If you’re embarking on a new journey and choosing a new major (don’t worry—we’ve all been there), then feel free to drop that class! It’s an exciting time switching majors and the class you signed up for may no longer work towards your new degree. If you aren’t switching majors, take a minute to evaluate the course content and make sure it’s propelling you in the right direction. Sometimes courses that count towards your degree may not be helpful for the career path you decide to choose. Looking at the class content will ensure you’re interested in learning the subject matter and that it’ll give you a skill set that’ll work towards your desired career.

Keep an eye on your GPA

This is definitely a tough one to mention, but pretty critical. Yes we know life happens, and sometimes courses can take a seat on the back burner. If you’re on the fence about dropping, try using college advisory or instructor to help you raise that grade before you make your final call. If you think the class will 100% affect your overall GPA, you always have the option to drop the class and take it another time when you’re ready. Remember—there is never any shame in taking a class another time.

Simply not interested

Has anyone else fallen asleep during syllabus week? We’ve definitely been there and done that! It’s okay to feel like that class just isn’t for you. After all, that’s what college is all about! Making decisions based on your personal interests is a form of growth. If you find the class boring or can’t see yourself enjoying the subject, go ahead and drop that class.

Whatever your reason may be, there will always be an opportunity to take the class again, take it with a different professor, or even at a different university. It may not be this semester or the next semester, but no matter what your plan is, there’s always a little wiggle room. Plans and timelines can deviate, but trust in yourself to make those right choices. Now channel your secret inner Hannah Montana rock-star and go THRIVE! You got this!

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